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Welcome to my blog. I know we have been traveling for a long time (over 7 months now) but we have only recently got ourselves a small laptop to travel with. Previously we have thought it would have been too much hassle to carry a laptop around but due to the requirement to backup all our photos on a reliable computer we picked up a cheap NetBook in Lima. So now I'm able to write an online blog about our travels and what we get up to. Hopefully you will enjoy reading about our adventures. I have been keeping a paper based journal up to now so have lots of information about our trip but I doubt anyone will ever read those. If I do get time I will try to do a highlights on the countries we have visited to now.

I will try to write a blog for each area we visit and include some photos as well. I'm going to start our blog in Ecuador. I know this means we have missed all of Africa and 7 countries in South America but you will get to read about our adventures in Ecuador, Peru, Cuba and Central America.


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